VMware Workspace ONE 22.X Professional 2V0–62.23 Dumps

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Passing the VMware Workspace ONE 22.X Professional (2V0–62.23) exam is a crucial step towards earning the VCP-DW 2024 Certification. By successfully completing this exam, you will demonstrate your expertise in VMware Workspace ONE 22.X Professional and enhance your career prospects. Passcert is pleased to announce the release of our latest VMware Workspace ONE 22.X Professional 2V0–62.23 Dumps. These comprehensive study materials are meticulously designed to provide professionals like you with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the exam. With our high-quality VMware Workspace ONE 22.X Professional 2V0–62.23 Dumps, you can confidently prepare for the exam and increase your chances of passing with flying colors.

VMware Workspace ONE 22.X Professional

The VMware Workspace ONE 22.X Professional exam validates an individual can install, configure, manage, maintain and perform basic troubleshooting of VMware Workspace ONE and related solutions, as well as properly identify and differentiate any needed supporting products and components.

The Professional VMware Workspace ONE 22.X exam (2V0–62.23) which leads to VMware Certified Professional — Digital Workspace 2024 (VCP-DW 2024) certification is a 70-item exam, with a passing score of 300 using a scaled method. Candidates are given an appointment time of 135 minutes, which includes five-minute seating time and adequate time to complete the exam for non-native English speakers. This exam may contain a variety of item types including multiplechoice, multiple-selection multiple-choice, build-list, matching, drag-and-drop, pint-and-click and hot-area. Additional item types may be used but will appear less frequently than those previously mentioned.

Exam Information

Exam 2V0–62.23 : VMware Workspace ONE 22.X Professional

Language: English

Number of Questions: 70

Duration: 135 Minutes

Passing Score: 300 (100–500)

Format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Choice Multiple Selection, Drag and Drop, Matching, Hot Area, Proctored

Pricing: $250 USD

Associated Certification: VCP-DW 2024

Exam Sections

Section 1 — IT Architectures, Technologies, Standards

Section 2 — VMware Solution

Section 3 — Plan and Design the VMware Solution

Section 4 — Install, Configure, Administrate the VMware Solution

Section 5 — Troubleshoot and Optimize the VMware Solution

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1. Which action should be performed after any increase to verbose logging after an event has been captured?

A.Reboot the server to revert the verbose configuration.

B.Restart all services to ensure that the logging level is reporting correctly.

C.Revert the logging level back to its previous configuration.

D.Delete the log that contains the information that was captured to assist in troubleshooting.

Answer: C

2. What three security capabilities are supported by Workspace ONE SDK? (Choose three.)

A.SAML Integration

B.Agg Layer Authentication

C.Encrypted Backup

D.Data Loss Prevention

E.Compromised Protection

Answer: C, D, E

3. An administrator would like to configure SSO for Workspace ONE UEM console login.

Which catalog setting from Workspace ONE Access needs to be configured?

A.Virtual Apps

B.Web Apps

C.Hub Configuration

D.Hub Catalog

Answer: B

4. An administrator would like to track these details for all Windows desktops managed by Workspace ONE UEM:

Driver details for a mouse driver

Warranty information for OS

Registry value of internal apps

Which Workspace ONE UEM utility can the administrator use?

A.Create LGPO and assign to Windows devices.

B.Create Application Control profile and assign to Windows devices.

C.Create an OEM update profile and assign to Windows devices.

D.Create sensors and assign to Windows devices.

Answer: D

5. Which security solution can be integrated with the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub?

A.Advanced Threat Prevention

B.Carbon Black

C.Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile

D.Mobile Threat Defense

Answer: B

6. Which two are prerequisites to activate Hub Services? (Choose two.)

A.Workspace ONE Access admin credential

B.Workspace ONE Intelligence URL

C.Workspace ONE Access tenant URL

D.Workspace ONE UEM DS URL

E.Workspace ONE UEM enrollment user credential

Answer: A, C

7. An administrator wants to deploy and configure a web browser for mobile devices that contains a survey. The browser needs to go back to the default homepage after 5 minutes of inactivity.

What browser can be configured from Workspace ONE?

A. VMware Intelligent Hub

B. Apple Safari

C. VMware Workspace ONE Web

D. Google Chrome

D Microsoft Edge

Answer: C

8. When creating Workspace ONE Intelligence Dashboards, what helps visualize collected data?

A. IGizmos

B. Snapshots

C. Widgets

D. Elements

Answer: C