Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP-304) Dumps

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4 min readNov 16, 2023

The CWDP is highly respected within the IT industry and CWDP-certified candidates hold a significant advantage in terms of career and salary advancement. Passcert newly cracked Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP-304) Dumps which are designed to assist you every step of the way in your journey towards successfully passing your CWDP exam and achieving your certification goals. It covers a comprehensive set of resources that will not only help you pass your exam successfully but also provide you with a deep understanding of the subject matter. With Passcert CWDP-304 Dumps, you can be confident that you are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in your field.

CWDP — Certified Wireless Design Professional

The Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP) has the knowledge and skill set required to manage the entire WLAN design life cycle: defining, designing, deploying, and diagnosing. Tasks within these stages include gathering necessary information and requirements and creating a design. These professional implements, validates, and optimizes the solution to ensure objectives are met. A CWDP contributes to, or takes responsibility for, any or all stages within this process. When you pass the CWDP exam and hold a valid CWNA certification, you earn the CWDP certification and credit towards the CWNE certification should you choose to pursue it.

The CWDP certification is a professional level wireless LAN certification for the CWNP Program. To earn a CWDP certification, you must hold a current and valid CWNA credential. You must take the CWDP exam at a Pearson Vue Testing Center and pass with a 70% or higher. Instructors must pass with a 80% or higher. However you choose to prepare for the CWDP exam, you should start with the exam objectives, which cover the full list of skills tested on the exam. The CWDP certification is valid for three (3) years. To recertify, you must have a current CWNA credential and pass the current CWDP exam. By passing the CWDP certificate, your CWNA certificate will be renewed for an another three years.

CWDP Exam Summary

Exam Number: CWDP-304

Cost: $349.99 (USD)

Availability: Pearson Vue Testing Center

Duration: 90 minutes

Questions: 60 multiple choice

Language: English

Exam Knowledge Domain

Domain 1: Define Specifications for the WLAN 25%

Domain 2: Design the WLAN 40%

Domain 3: Deploy the WLAN 10%

Domain 4: Validate and Optimize the WLAN 25%

Is the Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP) worth it?

If you work in or aspire to work in an IT role that’s related to wireless network design, the CWDP is worth it. Although it’s a specialized credential, it’s meaningful and respected by employers. Preparing for the CWDP enhances your knowledge in wireless technologies, design principles, security considerations, and best practices for creating reliable and high-performance wireless networks, and earning it opens up many career prospects in the field.

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1. Who should be in the final meeting from the customer-side after successfully implementing a WLAN infrastructure?

A. Remote workers


C. The customer’s customers

D. End-users

Answer: D

2. During your first pre-deployment meeting with the deployment team, you hand out the full design documentation to all of them. What’s your primary goal during this meeting?

A. To explain how Wi-Fi works.

B. To explain design decisions and ensure understanding of design documents.

C. To discuss AP functionality.

D. To justify the budget.

Answer: B

3. What kind of site survey helps you identify if roaming is working as designed?

A. Passive

B. Predictive

C. Active

D. Spectrum analysis walkthrough

Answer: C

4. A museum wants to offer Wi-Fi to its visitors. One of their requirements is to have the APs blend into the design of the museum. What should you do to meet this requirement?

A. Lock the AP inside of a metal box

B. Use a plastic cover that could blend in with the environment

C. Use an 802.11b AP, so it looks old enough to be in a museum

D. Place the APs in between walls and I-beams

Answer: B

5. When installing APs on high ceilings, what should be the most common PPE to be used?

A. Hardhat, high visibility vest and body belt

B. Clean suits, masks and glasses

C. Glasses, gloves and jacket

D. Clean suits, gloves and jacket

Answer: A

6. Your customer requires fast secure roaming. Which two types of roaming are specified in 802.11–2016 FT roaming that will help meet this goal?

A. Over-the-Air and Over-the-DS

B. FT and TKIP

C. Over-the-Air and Over-the-Wire

D. FT and OKC

Answer: D